Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will the programs be held?

The 2019 Central PA HOBY Leadership Seminar dates and locations are currently being confirmed. The 2018 seminar was held at Shippensburg University on May . The Leadership Seminar is 4 days long and you must be present for the entire seminar, including overnight (lodging is provided).

The World Leadership Congress (WLC) is held every summer. This is a week-long program and you must be present for the entire WLC, including overnight (lodging is provided). Learn more on the details of the upcoming WLC.

What is the cost to attend and how do I register?

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from all HOBY events.

During the seminar, there will be no cost to you, except for the costs that you may incur traveling to the seminar or for any purchases that you wish to make while at the seminar. A large part of the costs for the seminar are covered in donations from your high school, area civic clubs, businesses and individuals.

The program fee for the World Leadership Congress (WLC), Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA), or International Trips can be found at

What should I expect when I get there?

Whether you are attending the Central PA HOBY Leadership Seminar or the WLC, you can expect:

  • To be exposed to important ideas, including opinions that may differ from your own
  • To interact one-on-one with decision makers in education, government, business and other professions
  • To jump in and discover more about issues impacting you and your community
  • To be challenged to be a person who succeeds in making a difference to improve your community
  • To be challenged to commit to 100 hours of volunteer service in the next year to help make your community stronger, any way you believe you can
  • To make new friends who are also committed to making a positive difference in this world
  • To get less sleep than you’d like
  • And to have more fun than you ever expected!
  • Also, you should NOT expect to be told what to think or to coast, cruise, or let others do the work. From the moment you attend a HOBY program, you will be treated like a leader and encouraged to think critically about a wide range of issues that impact your life and the world.

What are the accommodations like?

Central PA HOBY Seminar participants stay in the dorm rooms at Shippensburg University, and share their accommodations with other participants. A few weeks prior to the event, your planning committee will provide instructions on what you need to bring. Participants of all HOBY programs will receive nutritious meals and have an opportunity to inform us of any special dietary considerations prior to the event.

What if I am registered and then unable to attend?

If circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the entire program you are registered for (including overnight for the Leadership Seminars and WLC), we would like to give another student from your school the opportunity to attend. Please immediately go to the high school counselor or principal who registered you and inform him/her of your situation. For the Leadership Seminar, please also contact Courtney Adamo and Beth Awalt, Co-Vice Chairs of Ambassador Relations, to let us know; and for the WLC, please contact Please follow up without delay because a cancellation fee may apply.

What happens after I am registered?

Once you have been registered for a HOBY program, you will receive the Ambassador Pre-Seminar Materials containing everything you need to know. The planning committee will send this information to you approximately 6 weeks before the event. Make sure to mark the program dates on your calendar and get ready for a memorable experience![/toggle]

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions on the Central PA HOBY Seminar, please email Heather Myers, Central PA HOBY Seminar Chair, or Courtney Adamo and Beth Awalt, Co-Vice Chairs of Ambassador Relations.